Discovery Academy for Girls

Our program is tailored to deal with the particular difficulties and needs of your daughter. Particular issues like self-confidence, relationships, and building trust require different approaches for boys or girls. Our program is here to help girls find healthy ways to learn and interact. When girls are ready, carefully supervised joint activities with our boy's program can help girls to safely and smartly transition to a less-structured environment at home.

Our Therapeutic Approach to Healing

All girls participate in individual therapy, and therapy in groups. Girls work one-on-one with therapists to deal with personal trials. They then live and work socially to learn strategies for lifelong success. By not just talking through their feelings, but living them, girls can discover for themselves the power to engage with their family, their feelings, and their future.


We Provide A Nurturing Environment

Our campus provides a safe environment for girls to learn. Our staff not only provide supervision but emotional support for each student, allowing girls to explore who they are and learn without giving up. Frequent student community meetings encourage students to work together toward shared goals.

We Teach Productive Technology Use

Our world is more connected than in any previous generation, especially socially, and this new frontier is more challenging to navigate than ever before. At Discovery Academy, we recognize the difficulty of integrating technology into our students’ lives. We have a school internet, many technology-focused academic courses, and cell-phone use for students that have earned the privilege. All technology is carefully monitored, and students can earn or lose these privileges as staff and therapists deem appropriate.

Your Daughter can Experience Academic Success

Our classrooms are kept small, to better focus on individual needs. Students work at their own pace, with teachers giving students individualized help with problems they face. Girls’ classrooms are kept separate from the boys so that girls can feel comfortable and focus.

We Work Toward a Healthy Transition Home from The Beginning

Our programs are designed not only to keep students safe while on our campus but also to help them discover the best ways to live when they are ready to move on. Supervised activities together with the boy's program, like certain therapy groups, allow girls to show they can have healthy connections with boys. Discovery Academy is located in a suburban environment that allows students opportunities to experience life when they are ready. Students who have reached Honor Phase have opportunities for volunteering, employment, or approved recreational activities. Mirroring home life and real responsibilities in the structure of our program give our students the softest landing when it is time to go home.