Discovery Academy is an accredited school that provides quality education.


Discovery Academy Accreditation

Discovery Academy provides a number of educational services to help students who struggle in other academic programs. We have qualified teachers, staff, and an extensive program that focuses on the student's process.

The Discovery Academy's academic program is fully accredited by Cognia and meets the state standard set by the Utah State Board of Education. Students can earn a diploma while they're here, or credits for their home school and earn their diploma there. Our curriculum consists of courses that meet the common core standards and meets the requirements set by the States.

Our Mission Statment Is to Prepare Students to Be Healthy, Engaged, Productive Learners and Contributing Members of Their Community


A Program Designed for Student Success


In the Discovery Academy program, academic and clinical staff work together to meet the therapeutic and academic goals of each student.  This joint effort by therapists and teachers to identify the students' strengths and weaknesses and then work together for what is in the student's best interest has been highly successful.  Our goal is for students to graduate if they turn eighteen or to return to their home school with the credits needed to graduate on time.  We accomplish this through student-teacher relationships. At Discovery Academy, qualified teachers meet each student’s individual needs by using an instructional model where students receive individualized instruction. Students can expect to meet with each teacher each day to get the help they need to be successful.

After graduation, most former Discovery Academy students progress to employment or higher education. Students have bright futures because they have the opportunity to grow, learn and succeed. Incoming students can look forward to the same opportunities.

Competency-based, Blended Learning Instructional Model

Discovery Academy is competency-based. Students must pass all assignments, quizzes, and tests with a high level of proficiency, generally 80%, before moving on. Teachers work with students individually doing reteaching and remediation if proficiency isn’t met..

Each student has an advisor that monitors classwork to make sure they are progressing at an appropriate rate. The individualized academic approach allows students to feel success and removes the pressure students sometimes feel when being compared with other students.

In Discovery Academy’s individualized approach, students begin a course where they left off from their previous school or at the beginning of a course depending on their individual needs.  Students move through the curriculum with the support of teachers and student advisors. Teachers and student advisors help students pace their learning so they make adequate progress.

Discovery Academy has the expertise


Discovery Academy is fully accredited by Cognia. Cognia provides accreditation to schools that have earned recognition for their reputation and high educational standards.


Discovery Academy is also fully licensed in the state of Utah.


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