Our Philosophy

To understand our philosophy, you have to understand our history.

Brothers Scott and Steve Petersen, and their partners, Dane Kay, Jim Salisbury, Steve Nadauld, and Brent Hall created the programs. This management group has been together for more than 20 years. They are still providing “hands on” leadership in the day to day activities of the RedCliff family – a fact that is almost unheard of in the therapeutic industry.

Scott and Steve grew up working the family’s large cattle ranch in Wyoming. As young men they worked side by side with their troubled cousins from the city, they watched the transformation brought on by hard work and positive peer mentoring. Meanwhile, Dane and Brent spent their youth working on potato farms and dairy farms in Idaho. Jim, however, played professional baseball. In contrast, Steve traveled the country as his father served as president of two universities.

Although their backgrounds are diverse, for each of these men, hard work and the self-esteem that comes from accomplishment, are hallmark characteristics of their lives and the programs they created. Their example of trust and friendship is the foundation of our organizational culture. Moreover, their commitment, stability, integrity, and a sense of humor, helped them attract the best employees in the business.

Essentially, their business model has six core components:

  1. Our programs are only as good as the people who work with our students.
  2. Program counselors and staff must be invested in a relationship with each and every child.
  3. Every student has different needs and potential; therefore, academics are individualized.
  4. Experiential activities are the foundation of therapeutic success. Therapy is not about sitting on a couch and talking about the problems in life. It is about touching, feeling, smelling and seeing what life has to offer. Through experiential activities, students manifest their true emotions and behaviors as individuals and peers.
  5. There must also be daily access to experiential opportunities where students can find success through achievement and productivity.
  6. Loving parents have suffered and sacrificed to entrust their child to our care. We must always remember this.

Discovery Academy extends to your family the very best in adolescent therapy, as does the rest of the RedCliff Ascent Family. It is honor for our family to help yours.

If you have questions about enrolling in Discovery Academy, fill out our assessment or contact our admissions department at 855-645-0484.