After Care

After Care

Providing Healing Beyond The Academy

Discovery Academy is committed to providing the very best therapeutic environment possible for your child. That includes the home after care as well.

For a nominal additional fee, families may enroll in Echoes of Discovery – a remarkable after-care program that typically begins two to four weeks after a student has returned home.

Echoes of Discovery brings therapeutic excellence literally to your door step. The program consists of two days of in-home therapeutic experiential activities and four telephone counseling sessions spread over two months.

Unlike other programs, Echoes of Discovery is led by a team of licensed therapists who have worked with your child during his or her on-campus stay. These professionals know and understand your family’s unique dynamics and the specific issues your student will be addressing at home.

On Day One the therapy team uses experiential activities and processing to help parent and child evaluate how the transition home is going. These activities help families:

  1. Learn to communicate without being defensive.
  2. Set and maintain boundaries.
  3. Build relationship skills through specific assignments completed as individuals and as a family. The family works on these assignments throughout the remainder of the day in preparation for a group processing session.

On Day Two, Discovery’s therapy team reviews the assignments with family members and processes with them about their strengths and any family concerns.

The final phase of the Echoes after-care program brings family members and therapist together again for a series of four telephone sessions over the next two months. These sessions provide a forum for parents and student to review their progress and plan for a successful future. All of these sessions are designed to offer parents and students a complete, wrap-around approach that reinforces therapeutic growth and learning.

Any former Discovery Academy student is eligible to participate. For more information about Echoes of Discovery after-care, please call us at (801) 701-3711.