Discovery Academy Programs

At the Academy, discovery is a process, not just a name.



Discovery Academy provides an exclusive environment that offers students a safe venue for personal growth on many levels. We facilitate that growth through relationships. Because we work side-by-side with our students in academic, therapeutic, and residential activities we have an opportunity to create a 24/7 therapeutic environment.

Experiential relationship therapy is the foundation for every Discovery Academy experience. Doing creates an opportunity for understanding. Sharing the experience is the key to relationship building. Relationships help inspire students to reach higher. That reaching process opens the door to identity. Our students come to understand who they really are and what they are capable of achieving.

The Academy offers separate programs for boys and girls. Our boys program serves 50 young men. The girls program has 32 students. Because our student population is small, we can focus on the individual academic and therapeutic needs of each student.


The Girls Program

When you visit Discovery Academy, you will see our commitment to building relationships reflected everywhere, even the design of our campus. Our girls program is housed in our Academic Center. The Academic Center houses classrooms, library, fitness and cafeteria facilities. Our fine arts center is also located in this building.

The top floor of the facility includes girls’ dormitory housing, consisting of eight rooms with four girls per room. Each room has its own bathroom. We have two large community rooms give girls a chance to meet and relax together as part of the larger dorm family. As a result of this structure, the students are able to build a healthy sense of community.


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The Boys Program

The boys’ residential area is located in our original building. Here four students share a room and each room has its own bathroom. Dorms are comprised of two to three rooms. Common areas for study and relaxation are adjacent to each dorm. However, the boys attend school, enjoy meals, and use library facilities in our Academic Center.

Co-Ed Opportunities

Girls and boys attend school and dine in separate sessions. However, our unique campus allows us to combine both programs when appropriate and under closely supervised conditions. For example, the entire student body participates in our Parent Seminar theater production, as well as community service projects, student government, and extra-curricular clubs. Because of these co-ed learning experiences prepare our students to return home by giving them opportunities to practice appropriate social skills.


Whether it’s academics, theater arts, sports or outdoor recreation, we create an environment where students are required to leave their comfort zones and see their world, and themselves, with new eyes. Moreover, we realize that real change must come from within. With this in mind, we focus on creating strong relationships with our students so students themselves choose to change.

For admissions information, please visit the admissions section of our website, fill out our assessment, or contact our admissions department at 855-645-0484.