Healthy Use of Technology


At Discovery Academy you will be able to choose from the following elective courses:
- technology group

- Computer Fundamentals
- Coding
- Graphic Arts
- Digital Photography



Students learn the basics of web design and development, using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. They learn to identify and fix bugs in code, design web pages and games, and implement pleasant user interfaces.

Graphic Arts

Taught at a local high school, this course covers Photoshop skills, design principles, and creative effort. Students create their own art in a variety of assignments, including collages, digital effects showcases, and movie posters.

Digital Photography

In this course, students are taught camera use, composition, color balancing, and digital photo editing. Students have an opportunity to go with their teacher off-campus to photograph nature and city scenes before returning to the lab to edit, perfect, and print their work.

Computer Fundamentals

This elective course teaches students the basics of computer use, managing office software, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also covers basics of Internet Safety.

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