DA Girls Win Second Place in Statewide Volleyball Tournament

Discovery Academy Student-Athletes Battle Back to Win Second Place in Statewide Volleyball Tournament!

The Discovery Academy girls’ volleyball team participated in the State Championship match sponsored by the USSA High School Varsity League that consisted of other Private High Schools throughout the State of Utah.

Embracing the Role of Underdog

“They were seeded at the bottom of the bracket going into the tournament because of their regular season record,” said Coach Adam Richards.

The DA team reached its peak of performance at the end of the season right before Thanksgiving. They battled hard to develop as a team and established the work ethic of winners.

Led by team captains Andrea and Zoie, the Discovery Academy team that consisted of Rory, Amari, Rose, Ashley, Sara, Sophia, and Anjelica fought hard during each match. The team eventually dispatched their 1st and 2nd seed opponents after each match went to 5 sets thus allowing DA to prevail in the end.

The team was tenacious as they embraced the role of the underdog. This tenacity and determination through the first two matches are what launched them to the championship game.

“I was very confident in our team going into the tournament because coach Denika, Coach Felicia and I had been working with them vigorously, and had observed the development of their skills, teamwork abilities, and cohesiveness in our practices.  I knew they had an uphill climb going into the tournament, but confident in their skills”, Richards continued.

In the championship game the following night, the DA girls kept it close but eventually lost in four sets.

“The students worked so hard for their success in this tournament. I appreciate the commitment to excellence that each of these girls demonstrated throughout the season,” adds Richards.

Because of their hard work, the team was able to turn a perceived weakness into success. They also represented the kind of transformation possible at DA.

The Second Place Trophy is proudly displayed in the Discovery Academy Academic Center for all to see.