Clinical Therapy for Teens

At Discovery Academy, we are committed to providing a personalized treatment experience to meet the needs of each student.

Clinical Boarding School

Students are offered weekly individual therapy sessions, family phone calls, and consultation with their therapist, group psychotherapy sessions, and specialized group sessions, including substance abuse, healthy relationships, adoption issues, and emotional management. All our therapy sessions are run by a fully licensed therapist. All students participate in Experiential Therapy as well, allowing them to learn about themselves and others while working on a common goal. Music, art, and drama are available for each student and all students are given regular community service opportunities.

Transitions and discharge are carefully coordinated between parents and the treatment team so that students can best manage their life in the future, taking what they learned at Discovery along with them.


Individual Therapy

Students receive 1-2 hours of therapy with their individual therapist each week. This may come in the form of a more traditional office visit, or it may take place as therapist and student participate in an experiential activity. We call this "real time therapy."

Discovery Academy's residential program is designed to facilitate therapy. Mentors routinely discuss with therapists each student’s progress and particular needs. During one on one interaction throughout the week, mentors are trained to look for teaching opportunities in the course of daily life experiences.

Family Therapy

At Discovery Academy, we believe successfully treating the student means addressing family needs as well. Each family participates in a minimum of one hour of weekly family therapy. These sessions are typically conducted over the telephone.

Another critical component of family therapy is the Internet based parent portal. Parents are encouraged to provide feedback on their child's progress each week. Discovery's therapy team uses these comments when evaluating the student's readiness for level advancements.

Group Therapy

Group therapy occurs during experiential activities and in structured settings as well. Some of the Academy's therapeutic groups include adoption, substance abuse, relapse prevention, and eating disorders.

Clinical/Medical Therapy

Many of our students arrive at Discovery Academy under the care of a physician or psychiatrist who has ordered daily medication for both Clinical/Medical Therapy. Our registered nurse and staff medical coordinator works with these professionals to make certain medications are disbursed accurately and in a timely manner. Our program psychiatrist also coordinates the use of any psychotropic medications.

In addition, Discovery Academy provides the following clinical services:

  • Complete review of the student’s historical profile.
  • Physical evaluation (if needed).
  • PsychoSocial Assessment.
    Full level II Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation (upon request as an ancillary charge).
  • Treatment plan development.
  • Treatment plan review.
  • Medication management.
  • Parent phone sessions and consultation with a licensed therapist.
  • Individual psychotherapy sessions with a licensed therapist each week.
  • Student group psychotherapy sessions with a licensed therapist each week.
  • Weekly specialized group sessions including: substance abuse, adoption, wilderness/transition, trauma, social adaptation/relationships, appropriate assertiveness, depression, victim awareness, problem-solving, and family dynamics/communication.
  • Weekly experiential therapy sessions including: outdoor adventure-based therapy, and community service.
  • Discharge summary and transitional planning.