We’ve Had Students Accepted to:

University of Alabama

Arizona State University

Army – United States Military Academy

Boston Conservatory

University of Berkeley

Broward College

Bryn Mawr College

Brigham Young University

Cal Poly Pomona

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Gulf Coast University

Central Florida University

United States Naval Academy

University of North Carolina

College of William & Mary

DePaul University

University of Dayton

Eastern Washington University

Florida State University

Furman University

The University of Georgia

Guilford College

University of Hawaii

University of Iowa

Irvine Valley College

Keene State College

University of Massachusetts

Mercer University

Metro State University

Middle Tennessee State University

University of Missouri Kansas City

Montana State University

University of North Carolina – Greensboro

New York University

Princeton University

Rutgers University

University California, Santa Barbara

Saginaw State University

Stanford University

Stetson University

Texas A&M

Tulane University

UC Merced

University of Denver

University of Colorado

Colorado State University

University of Nebraska

University of South Carolina

University of Utah

University of Las Vegas

Utah State University

Utah Valley University

Washington State University

Western Illinois University

Western Michigan University

William Paterson University

For more information about the Discovery Academy academic program, Fill out our Assessment or contact our admissions department at 855-645-0484.