The Discovery Academy Advantage


There are seven reasons why Discovery Academy offers a superior educational model:

1. Superior Instructors

On average Discovery Academy teachers have 25 years teaching experience.  Most are Master’s level educators. Moreover, all teachers are certified by the State of Utah.

2. Small Classes

The student/teacher ratio in Discovery Academy classes are generally 12 to 1. Each class utilises a mentor to help class instruction.

3. Individualized Learning

At Discovery Academy we work with each student on an individual level. A teacher works with each student to help them master the information in each concept. Students must test on the material and pass with at least an 80% score.

While the student sets the pace, the teacher directs the learning. This provides immediate opportunities for teachers to provide remedial assistance or to challenge the student through a more advanced curriculum.

4. Experiential Learning Activities

Each week students participate in an experiential learning activity that enhances subject matter presented in the classroom. Students may also enjoy off campus activities at nearby museums, universities, and state parks. On campus, experiential activities include hands-on lectures and visual demonstrations.

5. College Preparation

Discovery Academy students typically score higher than the national average on ACT and SAT tests, the examination most colleges require for entrance.

In addition, a guidance counselor to helps each student apply for acceptance into the college or university of their choice. Our students have been accepted to many of the top colleges, and community colleges throughout the United States and Canada.

Furthermore, Discovery Academy students receive an official transcript of grades to facilitate their entrance into other academic programs.

6. Integrated Clinical and Academic Progress Reporting

Educators and clinicians meet frequently to discuss each student’s academic and clinical progress. Because of their coordinated effort, both teams of professionals apprised of any important changes in a student’s behavior or learning.

7. Gender Specific Learning Environment

Experience indicates boys and girls tend to pay more attention to the subject matter when they are surrounded by same-sex peers. For this reason, boys and girls are segregated academically. However, the Academy does provide limited, closely supervised experiential activities to help students learn and practice appropriate social behaviors.

For more information about the Discovery Academy academic program, fill out our Assessment or contact our admissions department at 855-645-0484.