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October 25, 2011
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March 30, 2012
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Many people see their experience at Discovery Academy as an isolated intervention that stands alone from other attempts at family healing. In fact, enrollment at Discovery Academy is often part of a continuim of care that helps troubled teens find their way.

For example, some students come to Discovery after having completed a wilderness therapy experience. Discovery Academy therapists and staff respect the accomplishments of those students. For these students, therapy begins where they left off in wilderness. Academy therapists work closely with wilderness or other prior placement professionals to help the student build on their wellness momemtum.

Private therapy practitioners also become part of the Discovery Academy therapy team. Some have been under the care of a therapy professional in their home environment. If the parents wish, Discovery therapists can routinely include a student’s therapist at home in clinical consultations that keep private providers aware of the student’s progress and struggles. This kind of collaboration helps create a smooth transitiion for follow-up care once the student returns home.

Discovery’s aftercare program sets the stage for this transition. If the family chooses, their student’s therapist can provide two in-home sessions once the student returns home. An experiential activity that involves both parents and child is part of this aftercare visit. In addition, parents and student process with their therapist about the activity, the transition home, and other issues of concern.

Discovery Academy understands a student’s therapy journey doesn’t just begin when he or she walks through the doors. Their journey to wellness, like life itself, is an on-going effort at understanding and executing. A student is best served by committed parents and a network of caring professionals that can serve as a reminder and a resource for positive life skills.