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Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teens

Therapeutic Boarding School

Top therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. (6 things to look for)

When it comes to choosing the right therapeutic boarding school for your son or daughter, Discovery Academy specializes in the following areas:

  1. Discovery Academy is a place your son or daughter can learn and even excel academically.
  2. We offer an effective therapeutic approach designed to help your child with the current challenges they face, AND prepare them to return back home safely.
  3. We are an established program that is licensed as a Residential Treatment Center and accredited.
  4. We provide a growth environment where your child can develop and “not miss out on life experiences”.
  5. We have an active research component leading to constant improvement and successful outcomes.
  6. We offer an effective Transition / Next Step or After Care component so your son or daughter can continue to succeed when they graduate the program.
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Boarding School Academic Success

Helping your son or daughter succeed in school (A unique approach to learning)

By approaching teaching from a new angle, learning has increased and students who have struggled in traditional classroom settings have begun to find success and satisfaction in their progress.

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Teen Help Boy Girl Program

Programs (There’s something for everyone)

At the Academy, discovery is a process, not just a name.  We call it Experiential relationship therapy

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Individual Experiential Therapy

Individual Therapy (Because your child is NOT just a diagnosis)

Discovery Academy’s residential and academic programs are designed to facilitate therapy.

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Treatment research

Research Driven Improvement (Constant improvement requires research for results)

Discovery Academy participates in various types of research with one goal in mind, become better. Learn more about the types of research and results-driven changes we have made…

DA Boarding School

Home or College bound? What is the next step?

We work hard to prepare your son or daughter and the family for the next step after Discovery Academy. Whether that be home, College or…

Helping your son or daughter succeed in school

(A unique approach to learning)

By approaching teaching from a new angle, learning has increased and students who have struggled in traditional classroom settings begin to find success and satisfaction in their progress.

At Discovery Academy you will find:

  • More professional staff to student time than other similar programs
  • School schedule and hours optimized for student success
  • Above national average SAT scores
  • Better college prep than average high school programs
  • For every 12 mo of school, students earn on avg. 1.5 yrs. of credit
  • An Avg. 75% improvement of GPA

How can Discovery Academy Help your son or daughter?

At the Academy, discovery is a process, not just a name.  We call it Experiential relationship therapy.

  • Doing creates an opportunity for understanding.  Sharing the experience is the key to relationship building.  Relationships help inspire students to reach higher.  That reaching process opens the door to identity!
  • Separate girls and boys programs with Co-Educational opportunities.
  • Theater Arts, Sports, off-campus jobs and internships, High adventure activities, outdoor recreation, peer leadership opportunities, etc.

Drama Therapy

We offer Individual & Group Therapy

(Because your child is NOT just a diagnosis)

Discovery Academy’s entire program is designed to facilitate therapy.

  • More professional to student time during the day than other programs – Really.
  • Family Therapy, online Parent Portal to follow your son’s or daughter’s progress.
  • Group Therapy on topics such as adoption, substance abuse, relapse prevention, eating disorders, etc.
  • We specialize in the following target behaviors: Abandonment, RAD, abuse / survivors of abuse, addictions and compulsions, ADHD : inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, adoption / foster care issues, anger, body image, depression, grief, loss, bereavement, executive functioning, obsessions and compulsions OCD, oppositional defiance, posttraumatic stress PTSD, and trauma.
  • Drama Therapy, Experiential Therapy, DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Music program and more…

Boarding School treatment research

Our goal is a better therapeutic program in every way!

(We are constantly improving through research)

When working with individuals and families, there is always room for improvement. We strive to offer the most effective program and opportunity for your son or daughter and find through our research the ways we can improve and adapt. Research has let to improvement in every area of our program from higher than national average SAT scores, to the time of day our students attend classes with their teachers.

Research can help parents and families learn more about our program effectiveness and build trust as they come to a decision on the type of program to work with.

Drama Therapy

Nothing Prepares You For The Next Step Like Discovery Academy

After treatment are you heading home or are you college bound?  (What is the next step for your son or daughter?)

Discovery Academy’s program is designed to prepare your son or daughter and family for the next step whether that be home or college.

Academics are specifically designed to rekindle a love for learning and an ability to study and learn.

Therapy works to improve relationships and provide skill sets that can be applied to school, work or home.

Our unique aftercare program, in partnership with Redwood Grove, is available for students in their home and is designed to help ensure a smooth transition from our program to the next step on your journey.

What’s Happening at Discovery Academy?

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A More effective academic model being recognized and endorsed nation wide.

April 5, 2016

The Discovery Academy School Model was developed by seasoned educators frustrated by the public school model. The solution they came up with is what we like to call “the Discovery difference”. Each student works with experienced teachers on an individually designed curriculum tailored to their individual academic needs. Hundreds if…

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Hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion’s National Park, Southern Utah

August 6, 2015

Hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion’s National Park, Southern Utah Some of our female students enjoyed a two-day hiking trip to Zion’s National Park, in Southern Utah. They, along with three staff members, hiked Angel’s Landing, which is one of the most famous hikes in the national park system. Angel’s Landing…

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Life lessons learned from Japanese Art and culture

May 1, 2015

Discovery Academy Art Therapy – Students learn life lessons through Japanese Art with Dr. Ann Ngatai. Students were taught about Bonsai trees and had the opportunity to visit a local nursery to choose their own tree. Students learned that Bonsai trees reflect natural situations: • Literary and wind swept styles…

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Admissions Open for 2016

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Featured Teacher

Coleen-teacherColeen Gleason, BA

English Teacher

[email protected]

Coleen is a great asset to the English department.  She especially loves working with the kids to improve their writing skills!  Discovery Academy and parents honor her for her dedication to and success with the students!