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For over two decades we have shared the pain and sorrow families endure with a troubled teen in the home.

We understand how difficult it is to place a loved one in the hands of another caregiver or therapeutic boarding school .
If you are the parent or loved one of a troubled teen, we can help. We’ve worked with hundreds of families and we understand how difficult it can be to love, and live with, a teen that often seems out of control. We specialize in helping restore positive family relationships, in helping kids succeed academically and in helping teens transition safely back into their family life, school and or jobs depending on their desired goals at the completion of the program.

What is Discovery Academy Boarding School?

Discovery Academy is a therapeutic boarding school located in Provo, Utah. Situated in between the spectacular Wasatch Mountains to the east and Utah Lake to the west, a variety of outdoor educational and recreational opportunities are literally at our doorstep.
Discovery Academy boarding school serves students ages 13-17. We offer the best of both worlds – separate programs for boys and girls with opportunities for appropriate co-ed interaction. Our student body is limited to just 32 girls and 50 boys.
Our small boarding school environment lets us create an atmosphere where every student is known and every need is addressed.

At Discovery Academy, academics, residential living, and therapeutics are all built on an experiential foundation. In each area, our students learn by doing. We focus on building relationships, respect and responsibility.
Using this boarding school model, we help students discover their true potential, rekindle their love for learning and prepare for post-high school educational opportunities.

What Kind of Student Comes to Discovery Academy?

Many of our boarding school students are bright underachievers with behavioral and or emotional problems that have manifested themselves in school, at home and within the community.
Other Academy students have learning disabilities that require the one-on-one learning environment in which we specialize. Many of our students have simply fallen into the wrong peer crowd and insist on blaming everyone but themselves for their problems.
The Academy is an excellent boarding school choice for teens that have failed in traditional schools, boarding schools and/or are transitioning from other types of treatment programs, such as wilderness or intensive residential treatment programs.
We invite you to study our website and explore the opportunities that await your child. If you prefer, contact our boarding school admissions department at (801) 701-3711.
“The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” -Marcel Proust

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