Transition to a Happy, Healthy Future

Transition Home

Our programs are designed to keep students safe while on our campus. We also help them discover the best ways to live when they are ready to move on. We help them transition to a happy, healthy future. Supervised activities together with the boy’s program, like certain therapy groups, allow girls to show they can have healthy connections with boys. Discovery Academy is located in a suburban environment that allows students opportunities to experience life when they are ready. Students who have reached Honor Phase have opportunities for volunteering, employment, or approved recreational activities. Mirroring home life and real responsibilities in the structure of our program give our students the softest landing when it is time to go home.

Our honors program is the culmination of working with your daughter to prepare for a successful transition home or to school.

We offer the only in-home aftercare services in the industry. This program is for your family after your child’s stay at Discovery Academy. Our goal is to ensure a successful future.