Connecting You With Your Child

At Discovery Academy, our goal is to help heal the child and the family. We understand the path leading to a child’s removal from the home is often troubling and painful. While the student is safe in a supervised environment at the Academy, we support the family members in their own time of recovery.

Parent involvement is a critical part of a successful Academy experience. There are three ways parents participate in the therapeutic experience.

First, our Internet-based Parent Portal makes parents an active part of the treatment team by giving them an opportunity to read and comment on clinical notes. Parents respond to those notes and provide feedback and insights of their own through the Parent Portal. This information, together with clinician feedback, academic input, and residential observations, help determine whether the student is appropriate for level advancements. For a demonstration of how the Parent Portal works, please follow this link. Parents are encouraged to participate in bi-weekly treatment team reviews of their child’s progress through the use of this Internet tool.

Structured telephone sessions conducted by your child’s therapist help repair relationships and foster family communication. These sessions happen at least once a week at a time that best suits the parent’s schedule.

Finally, in keeping with our commitment to experiential therapy, parents are encouraged to attend our semi-annual Parent Seminars. These two-day seminars provide a number of advantages for parents and students.

  1. Parents have an opportunity to meet their peers and discover commonalities in background. Many parents find it comforting to realize other families share their struggles.
  2. Parents learn communication and relationship skills from recognized leaders in the business and family counseling fields. Many of our speakers routinely teach some of the top companies in the United States. These workshops are entertaining and informational.
  3. During the seminar, parents are generally not reunited with their child until the theatrical production. These productions are a part of each Parent Seminar and they involve the entire student body. Most of our students would never have participated in this type of activity while they were home. It’s exciting and rewarding for parents and students to see an entirely new aspect to student talent, ability, and self-confidence.
  4. Parents have the opportunity to have academic and therapeutic conferences to discuss their child’s progress. These face-to-face meetings reinforce communication that is already taking place via telephone and e-mail.
  5. Parents and students participate in a variety of experiential activities that include music therapy and or ropes courses. This allows parents to experience first-hand what their student has experienced. These shared activities provide a common ground for positive conversations during the seminar and when the family is reunited at home.
  6. Parents and level appropriate students are allowed off-campus overnight for activities of their own choosing. Their shared seminar experiences open an avenue for communication that is positive and engaging. This helps the family move beyond the contention and heartache of the past and lay a foundation for happier times to come.

Although parents have taken a great deal of care to select a program prior to placing a student, they typically leave the Parents Seminar with an even greater realization that the program they selected is the best place to meet their child’s needs.

They come away from the Parents Seminar having seen, heard and felt our commitment to experiential therapy. They have a better understanding of the programs and the processes and are able to say, “I know why this works for my child.”

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