Individual Therapy


Individual Therapy

Because Your Child is Not Just a Diagnosis

Discovery Academy students receive 1-2 hours of therapy with their individual therapist each week. This may come in the form of a more traditional office visit, or it may take place as therapist and student participate in an experiential activity. We call this “real time therapy.”

The Academy’s residential program is designed to facilitate therapy. Mentors routinely discuss with therapists each students progress and particular needs. During one on one interaction throughout the week, mentors are trained to look for teaching opportunities in the course of daily life experiences.

Family therapy

At Discovery Academy, we believe successfully treating the student means addressing family needs as well. Each family participates in a minimum of one hour of weekly family therapy. These sessions are typically conducted over the telephone.

Another critical component of family therapy is the Internet based parent portal—where parents are encouraged to provide feedback on their child’s progress each week. Discovery’s therapy team uses these comments when evaluating the student’s readiness for level advancements.

To our knowledge we are the only therapeutic program that includes parents in this manner as a critical part of the treatment team.

Group therapy

Group therapy occurs during experiential activities and in structured settings as well. Some of the Academy’s therapeutic groups include adoption, substance abuse, relapse prevention, and eating disorders.

Experiential examples of group therapy include drama therapy, and ropes courses.

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