Clinical/Medical Therapy

Clinical/Medical Therapy

Taking Care of Your Child

Many of our students arrive at the Academy under the care of a physician, or psychiatrist, who has ordered daily medication for both Clinical/Medical Therapy. Our registered nurse and or staff medical coordinator works with these professionals to make certain medications are disbursed accurately and in a timely manner. Our program psychiatrist also coordinates the use of any psychotropic medications.

In addition, Discovery Academy provides the following clinical services:

  • Complete review of the student’s historical profile.
  • Physical evaluation (if needed).
  • Psycho Social Assessment.
  • Full level II Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation (upon request as an ancillary charge).
  • Treatment plan development.
  • Treatment plan review.
  • Medication Management.
  • Parent phone sessions and consultation with a licensed therapist.
  • Individual psychotherapy sessions with a licensed therapist each week.
  • Student group psychotherapy sessions with a licensed therapist each week.
  • Weekly specialized group sessions including: substance abuse, adoption, wilderness/transition, trauma, social adaptation/relationships, appropriate assertiveness, depression, victim awareness, problem-solving, and family dynamics/communication.
  • Weekly experiential therapy sessions including: outdoor adventure based therapy, and community service.
  • Discharge summary and transitional planning.

For more information, fill out our Assessment or contact our admissions department at (801) 701-3711.