What Makes Discovery Academy's Program Effective?


Many teens who come to Discovery Academy have multiple overlapping challenges that have made it difficult to succeed in a traditional school environment.

Experienced clinicians work closely with certified teachers and residential staff. By working collaboratively, they can make sure that your teen's treatment goals and academic goals support each other. This support extends beyond the typical school day. Every aspect of your teen's daily living, from school to treatment to therapeutic recreational activities, will be designed to help your teen heal.

Students at Discovery Academy receive the extra attention needed to recover from their challenges and thrive. Help may include therapeutic intervention, modified academic instruction, and around the clock supervision by qualified staff members.

Whether your teen struggles with Anxiety, Depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD), or other cognitive or therapeutic issues, Discovery Academy has experienced clinical and educational staff who are prepared to guide your teen to a successful future.

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Therapeutic Boarding School with an Academic Focus

Discovery Academy specializes in helping troubled teen boys and girls who have not found success in traditional learning environments.

Discovery Academy is fully accredited. Students earn high school credits and are able to earn a high school diploma. Like traditional schools, therapeutic boarding schools offer classes taught by certified teachers. Unlike conventional schools, Discovery Academy focuses on healing while helping students learn. Teachers are trained to accommodate students' specific learning needs without sacrificing educational quality.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Discovery Academy creates individualized learning programs. Students begin learning based on their current levels of mastery in each subject. Teachers guide students through the learning process at a pace that works best for each teen's unique learning needs. Teachers and clinicians work closely together. Most often, as teens recover therapeutically, they also make progress academically. When the issues holding teens back in school are accommodated or resolved, they can rediscover their love to learn.

Most Discovery Academy graduates have gone on to find success in the workforce or enter other educational programs.


Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys


The therapeutic boarding schools for boys program helps boys build healthy relationships, respect, and responsibility. This is done through a combination of therapy, residential living, and academic strategies that help boys identify and develop their strengths.

Mentoring is an essential part of the Discovery Academy experience. Boys share residential, academic, and therapeutic activities with mentors who teach by example. For some of our students, this is their first opportunity to have an appropriate, healthy relationship with a male role model. Mentors are able to show Discovery Academy boys that being a man means much more than just being bigger or stronger than others. Indeed mentors demonstrate emotional honesty, responsibility, and respect. Students are inspired to be better men themselves.

The academic program is tailored to each boy's unique learning needs. Indeed Discovery Academy challenges students to meet their own learning goals, not just to keep up with their classmates. As a result of a customized approach to education, we are able to meet a variety of needs. Furthermore, boys have the opportunity to participate in drama, music, and art therapy. Any boy who wants to participate is eligible for our community recreation basketball, flag football, soccer, and softball teams.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Girls

The therapeutic boarding schools for girls program is tailored to deal with your daughter's particular difficulties and needs—specific issues like self-confidence, relationships, and building trust, to name a few. The program is here to help girls find healthy ways to learn and interact. When girls are ready, carefully supervised joint activities with our boys’ program can help girls transition to a less-structured environment at home.

All girls participate in individual therapy and therapy in groups. Girls work one-on-one with therapists to deal with personal trials. They then live and work socially to learn strategies for lifelong success. By not just talking through their feelings but living them, girls can discover for themselves the power to engage with their family, their feelings, and their future.

Discovery Academy helps girls establish their academic identity in single-gender classrooms. There are no boys and no distractions! Our one-on-one learning model is ideal for students who may have struggled in school or girls who need a more challenging curriculum. If they choose, girls may also participate in sports that include basketball, volleyball, soccer, and softball. They may choose from drama, dance, music, and visual arts.

The campus provides a safe environment for girls to learn. The staff provides supervision and emotional support for each student, allowing girls to explore who they are and learn without giving up.


Co-Ed Opportunities

Boys and girls attend school and dine in separate sessions. However, our unique campus allows us to combine both programs when appropriate and under closely supervised conditions. For example, the entire student body participates in our parent seminar theater production, community service projects, student government, and extra-curricular clubs. These co-ed learning experiences prepare our students to return home by giving them the opportunities to practice appropriate social skills.

How will parents be involved?

At Discovery Academy, you’ll also be directly involved in your teen's recovery process. You will participate in treatment team meetings. In these meetings, you will work collaboratively with your teen's therapist, teachers, and other staff members. Together, you’ll help to create strategies that will help your teen progress therapeutically and academically.

You will be able to monitor your teen's progress via the Parent Portal. The information provided on the Parent Portal is accessible only to parents.

As a parent, you will also be invited to parent seminars. These seminars are held twice a year. They provide an educational opportunity for parents. They’re also an opportunity to meet face-to-face with your teen's treatment team. Typically, parent seminars also include performances by the teens that showcase teens' newfound confidence and abilities.

What happens after students graduate?


No matter how stable your family is, your teen will experience challenges adjusting to life at home. It's important to have a plan before your teen returns home.

The issues that troubled your teen before treatment may reoccur once they return home. That is why Discovery Academy offers aftercare to all of our students. The aftercare program is a 12-week curriculum that combines weekly conference calls from the Discovery Academy professionals with treatment using a therapist in your local community.

During treatment, the professionals at Discovery Academy will have come to know your family. They’ll have an understanding of your family's strengths and vulnerabilities. they’ll be prepared to provide your family with the aftercare services you need directly in your own home.