Residential Treatment For Girls


Girls at Discovery Academy have a full schedule, with plenty of activities and responsibilities throughout the day
to keep them moving toward meaningful goals.

What to expect while at Discovery Academy

Girls are expected to complete chores first thing in the morning - learning that they are not only responsible for themselves, but responsible to each other for their shared space.

What is in a day?

Time is set aside for girls to attend therapy, individually or in groups, in the morning. Physical Education is also in the morning, to get girls moving and energized for the day.

The Most effective time for learning

Research shows that high school students perform better later in the day, so classes and academic activities are in the afternoon and evening.

CHIC (Courage, Honesty, Integrity, Character) Program

Once a week, girls participate in our CHIC (Courage, Honesty, Integrity, Character) activities. These are designed to empower Discovery girls, help them discover new interests, and have the opportunity to serve. Weekend off-campus activities are planned to give girls a wide variety of experiences they may not have had before, all appropriate to the level of privileges the girls have earned.

Your free time

Free time on evenings and weekends gives girls a chance to set their own priorities, with encouragement and supervision from residential mentors.

  • Brian & Mysty R.
    There were many programs we looked at as a family, we ultimately chose the one we felt would best prepare our daughter to return home happy and healthy!
    Brian & Mysty R.

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