Nurturing Environment at Discovery Academy For Girls


While a student is away from home, our first concern is that they are in a safe environment. At Discovery Academy, our students are not only kept safe
from many risks that they might face otherwise but given an opportunity to grow and learn individually and as a group.

A Mentor You Can Trust

Residential Mentors supervise student activities, 24 hours a day, working and participating alongside the students in the classroom, during recreational time, in therapy groups, and in the student residence. Mentors are trained to inspire students to build positive relationships based on mutual respect, and this is achieved by joining the students in experiential learning opportunities. Mentors monitor behavior, resolve conflicts, and help students process their emotions. This mentorship helps students to apply what they learned in therapy to real situations during the day and allows students to have a positive experience with persons of authority.

The Importance of Community

Community means a lot to Discovery students. Daily meetings are held with the girls’ community and with individual residence halls. These hall meetings are opportunities for students to express their emotions, iron out conflicts, and make decisions as a group. Students are rewarded for helping each other and working in groups, being held responsible for each other and to each other. Students are encouraged to address issues in the community before staff intervention is required. This environment helps students to learn responsibility and to learn that when we do better as a group, we do better individually, and vice versa.

Individual Attention

New or at-risk students are assigned a staff advocate, a residential mentor assigned specifically to an individual student. Advocates set aside time weekly to assess a student’s needs, to work through emotional moments, or just to talk.

Healthy Safe Transitions Home

Discovery Academy is organized to provide an environment encouraging a safe home transition. This means not only keeping our students out of trouble but encouraging them to grow and learn what it means to be a part of a community. It means nurturing relationships, trust, and emotional expression. It means giving students opportunities to show what they're capable of.

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