Research Informed Treatment – Girls Program


At Discovery Academy, we are committed to finding the most effective ways to help your child. This means monitoring the progress of every student, reliably measuring
the effectiveness of different approaches, and following up with students and parents after discharge to ensure progress in maintained.

Research Tools We use - YOQ

The Youth Outcome Questionnaire (YOQ) is a measure designed to reflect the progress of our students weekly. It covers many different social, psychological, and somatic factors to assess a student’s level of wellness, including interpersonal relations, distress, dysfunctional behavior, and more. This data can be analyzed by therapists on an individual basis, or analyzed in aggregate to assess the outcome of larger group approaches. Results can be presented to students to recognize patterns, see progress, and process honesty in treatment. The YOQ is administered weekly to students.


The RESBA is a small measure survey completed by teachers, therapists, and residential staff, covering social, emotional and behavioral functioning of each student on a day-to-day level. Developed here at Discovery, the measure is highly valid and statistically reliable. This allows for pattern recognition when reviewing treatment options for students, especially in the treatment is achieved

Treatment Team Model

We know that treatment success is best achieved when the student's goals are understood by all involved. This Treatment Team model allows all the professionals at Discovery to coordinate and tailor their approaches to meet the needs of the students in the class, in therapy, and in everyday life.

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