Honor Program

Discovery Academy’s Honor Program

The Highest Achievement for a Student

Honor, integrity, and sincere change. These are the hallmark characteristics of Honor Level students. The Honor Level is the pinnacle of achievement at Discovery Academy.

The dictionary defines honor as “a fine sense of and strict conformity to what is considered morally right or due.” Students who achieve this level do so, not because they have been forced to conform, but because they have learned that integrity and hard work have their own rewards.

Honor Level students have demonstrated by their academic and behavioral success that they have earned the right for off-campus work or learning experiences.

The Honor program replicates the home environment before the student actually returns home, giving students an opportunity to prepare for and practice life skills they will need as responsible young adults.

Honor Level students learn how to write resumes and respond during job interviews. They enjoy an opportunity to earn their own money and feel the pride of accomplishment that comes from securing and keeping employment. The student leaves the Academy with job experience and references for future employment.

If the family chooses, students may participate in off campus learning activities such as dance or music lessons in place of job experience.

In short, the Honor Level program allows students to acquire and practice the daily living skills they will need as successful young adults, with the therapeutic support of Academy staff.

For more information on Discovery Academy’s unique Honor Level, fill out our assessment or contact our admissions department at 855-645-0484.