Parents And The Treatment Team


Our program is designed for students to succeed socially, therapeutically, and academically.
To achieve this multifaceted goal, we hold regular meetings to discuss each student’s progress in each of these areas.

A closer look at the treatment team.

At each meeting, the Treatment Team consists of each student’s therapist, along with academic administrators, a teacher from the student’s classroom, and a residential mentor or supervisor that has worked closely with the student in the dorm. Academic progress is reviewed, together with therapeutic goals and motivational strategies to help each student succeed.

Parent Involvement

Parents are a key part of the treatment team at Discovery Academy. Weekly calls, progress reviews, and communication make this integral part of therapy a success. As a full team and with your cooperation we can create a holistic approach to healing that is customized to fit family needs, interests and overall goals.

When success is achieved

We know that treatment success is best achieved when the student's goals are understood by all involved. This Treatment Team model allows all the professionals at Discovery to coordinate and tailor their approaches to meet the needs of the students in the class, in therapy, and in everyday life.

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