Parent Involvement at Discovery Academy

Discovery Academy understands the hesitation and worry that parents have when sending their children to any type of therapy program. Because a lot of our participants have trouble with familial relationships, we make it a crucial part to include parents in the therapy process. Without the support and connection between parent and child, the treatment wouldn't be nearly as effective. We make sure parents have access to their child’s treatment plan.


Treatment Team Model

As part of Discovery Academy’s treatment model, parents are considered a main component. We approach therapy as a team. Parents, combined with therapists, teachers, residential supervisors, and academic administrators, create the necessary formula for our treatment process. Our program is specifically designed to help participants succeed socially, therapeutically, and academically. Regular meetings are held with the Treatment Team to review and discuss strategies for your teen’s development. Goals are made and executed based on the feedback given during these meetings.

Parent Portal

One of the major components Discovery Academy has to connect parents with their teens, is through our Parent Portal. This online program allows parents to view clinical notes and therapists’ treatment progress. Parents are encouraged to comment and provide feedback on these notes. The therapy team posts their observations on a bi-weekly schedule, making it easy for parents to follow along throughout the entire process. The combination of parental feedback and clinician observation, determines when and if participants advance to different levels in the program. We find it crucial to a participant’s progress for parents to take an active approach in the parent portal.

Weekly Therapy Phone Calls

Our transparency during the entire treatment program helps to heal those familial bonds that have been damaged through the devastation of mental illness. One of the ways Discovery Academy does this is through weekly telephone calls with your teen’s therapist. These structured calls foster open communication, a necessary part in the healing process. Your child’s therapist will provide the proper tools for parents to welcome their future teen back into the home. The reentrance of your teen into the family unit and into society as a whole is a major stepping stone into your child’s recovery process.

Parent Seminar

Twice a year, parents are invited to attend the Parent Seminar. This two-day event is a wonderful opportunity for parents to see their teens recovery process first-hand. Parents have the opportunity to attend conferences with the therapy team, reinforcing the relationships already fostered through the online portals. These face-to-face meetings help to enhance the therapy process. Parents listen to family counseling speakers that teach useful familial communication skills. These speakers provide information in a positive and uplifting manner, helping parents feel better about the issues they are struggling with. The seminars are a great way for parents to connect with other parents as well, creating a camaraderie with those that are in similar situations.

As a reintroduction to the parents, participants take part in a theatrical production which is a culmination of many months’ therapy in music, drama, and art. Teens have the opportunity to showcase things they have learned in a non-traditional way. They show increased confidence and self-awareness in their attitude and in their actions. Teens and parents also come together and participate in activities like music therapy as well as other activities. This gives parents the chance to experience some of the things their teens have been taking part in during therapy. As an added benefit of the seminar, those students at the proper level are allowed one night off campus with their parents to take part in an activity of their choosing.


Discovery Academy seeks to heal your teen and make them a healthy and functioning member of their community through the love and help from you, the parents. Reconnecting your newly self-confident teen into society and back into the family unit is at the heart of the therapy process. With a renewed connection and a stronger grasp on communication, we are confident that your family will have the means to move forward together and beyond therapy.