Music Therapy For Girls


Music is an incredibly important feature in the life of a high school student anywhere.
At Discovery Academy, we use music to guide students through therapeutic processes.

Your on-campus Music Studio

In our professionally equipped music studio, students have an opportunity to use technology in a new way. Easily manageable software allows the students to not only act as performing artists, but recording producers, carefully mixing and designing their own songs, and most students, when given the chance, will choose to create something entirely original, helping them explore their emotions in the creation process, and building their self-esteem as they create something they are proud to show off.

The power of performance

Several times a year, Discovery Academy participates together with several other Ascent Family Companies in a Battle of the Bands, wherein students perform live on stage in a competition of what they have put together over the last few months.

Music Therapy and the family

The parent seminar variety show features songs performed live with voice and instruments by our students, as well as some numbers recorded previously in our studio. Students get the chance to build themselves up as they learn a new talent, and show it off in front of parents and teachers. During our parent days event, you may experience a taste of our music therapy with your daughter and therapist in our studio!

  • Brian & Mysty R.
    There were many programs we looked at as a family, we ultimately chose the one we felt would best prepare our daughter to return home happy and healthy!
    Brian & Mysty R.

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