Are you interested in Working at Discovery Academy?

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What is it like to work for Discovery Academy?

Working with teenagers in an experiential environment can be a new experience for anyone, even if you have worked with youth before! Residential treatment programs like Discovery Academy work with teenage students who have moved in and reside on the Discovery Academy campus in Downtown Provo, Utah. This type of environment helps these students focus more on becoming great and less on friends, challenging environments and old habits. Our staff range from night mentors to teachers, and therapists, to chefs, administration, and mentors. We pride ourselves on being a team and living up to our missions statement:

“The Discovery Academy is a clinical boarding school whose mission is to inspire each student to a quest for excellence in all areas of life. Through an intensive program of academics, therapy, and life skills training students are challenged to excel in their development; intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually/ethically, and physically. It is the aspiration of the program that enrollment in the academy begins a lifelong quest for greater wisdom, integrity, insight, and social consciousness. Staff and student interactions are governed by mutual respect, in an environment that balances individuality with the community. A commitment to “self-discovery” and “service to others” defines the school in our pursuit of excellence.


The rewards of making a difference in someone else’s life

The saying goes, you love those you serve. This is true at Discovery Academy and as you serve these young teens working through challenges in life you will begin to feel the rewards of being a part of a lasting change in others who look up to you.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you discover more about our program and how we impact teens and their families every day.