Integrating Technology Into Our Student’s Programming And Education

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August 26, 2016
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February 9, 2017
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Integrating Technology Into Our Student's Programming And Education

As a school, we have been creating new ways to integrate technology into our student’s programming and education.

We have built a brand new computer lab which allows our students to have more access to technology. Along with this, we have two new elective courses available: computer technology and computer coding.

Our computer coding class is providing students with the opportunity to build their skills in CSS, HTML, and Javascript. They are being taught everything from displaying text to simple animation to basic website design.

Integrating Technology Into Our Student's Programming And Education

“I’ve never been able to do things like this with a computer before, which is really cool,” one student said after a day of programming a guessing game in Javascript.

We recently learned that there is a growing need for employees with skills in coding in the marketplace. We are excited to be able to offer this skill to our students and channel their computer skills that could turn into a lucrative career. In today’s world, our students have electronics and technology at their fingertips at all times it seems, and they work with computers more than any generation before. The class is really summed up by another student who simply said: “This class is a lot of fun, it’s really cool.”

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