How Discovery Academy Can Help Your Son or Daughter

Here’s a more intimate look at students and parents during our “Parent Days Student Performance”

Discover Your True Potential At Discovery Academy

Our hearts go out to parents on a daily basis as we connect with families across the world who are struggling to find the peace and harmony they so strongly desire in their home. The teenage years are such an important crossroads and can be the years of decision and direction that can lead to so much success and happiness or to sorrow and regret. That is why we planted Discovery Academy right in the middle of those teenage crossroad years and hope to help you and your son or daughter discover their true potential!

At Discovery Academy we have created a multi-faceted approach to creating healthy and happy relationships and accomplishing academic and therapeutic goals for your teen and family alike. As parents, you will become part of the “Treatment Team” as we design a customized approach to treatment for your son or daughter.

Years of experience has led us to develop and experiential approach coupled with traditional family and individual therapy that gets to the heart of the issues quickly and effectively. Our research confirms that what we do can have a long-lasting impact on your family for the better.

Young men and women who join the Discovery Academy team find success in school, improved relationships, and discover the tools they need to thrive as they transition back home or on to bigger and better opportunities with college and eventually a career and family of their own.

It would be our pleasure to speak with you or your spouse about your family needs and goals and find a way that Discovery Academy can meet and exceed those needs and goals!

Please call us anytime for free to speak with one of our family counselors and or to learn more about openings at Discovery Academy for your son or daughter! 855-645-0484