What to look for in a therapeutic boarding school for girls

Discovery Academy for Girls

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Discovery Academy helps girls learn to set healthy boundaries, identify and develop their strengths. They also learn excel academically and contribute to their communities. Our girls’ program is the best way for your daughter to develop relationships, respect, and responsibility.

Discovery Academy is a therapeutic boarding school serving girls who struggle with issues such as:

  • Trauma
  • Emotional regulation
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Adoption issues
  • Self harm
  • Learning disabilities
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression

Our metro location is unlike any other therapeutic boarding school. Students have the opportunities to work and learn in the community while they are in therapy.

therapeutic boarding school for girls

Discovery Academy helps girls establish their academic identity in single gender classrooms. Generally, classrooms have twelve students or less. There are no boys, and no distractions! Our one-on-one learning model is ideal for students who may have struggled in school or girls who need a more challenging curriculum.

If they choose, girls may also participate in sports that include basketball, volleyball, soccer, and softball. They may also choose drama, dance, music and visual arts.

Discovery Academy girls sports

CHIC: A Girl’s Gateway to Success

The CHIC program is the heart of residential living at Discovery Academy. CHIC stands for courage, honesty, integrity, and compassion – qualities that help define successful women of any age. CHIC helps expand girls’ interests and abilities by introducing them to activities they may not have tried before. Whether taking cooking lessons from a chef, learning self-defense, or concocting homemade spa treatments, CHIC helps girls see new possibilities.

Girls boarding school program
Discovery Academy’s licensed therapists help girls work through their struggles in a combination of individual, family and group therapy settings. Experiential therapy gives girls hands-on experiences designed to lower treatment resistance barriers, and also build positive relationships. Girls also develop emotional awareness and tolerance.

As part of their therapeutic progress, girls at Discovery Academy participate in some on-campus experiential activities and occasionally special off-campus activities with young men at Discovery Academy. Each of these activities is carefully planned, and constantly supervised. They are also used as a tool to prepare for your daughter’s successful return home.

Discovery Academy’s girls’ program brings your daughter closer to home, right from the start.

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One of the best tools we offer to help determine if Discovery Academy is a good fit for your daughter is the online assessment. This is a patented series of questions and evaluation results that can give you and your therapist insight into the best solutions for your daughter right now. Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in taking the assessment test now. 

Call us at 855-645-0484, or come and visit, and let us show you how your daughter can develop relationships, respect and responsibility through Discovery Academy’s girls’ program.