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March 14, 2011
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May 27, 2011
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One of our grads recently sent us this email: 

 I was a student at Discovery Adacdemy for quite some time. I left shortly after trning 18 to do my senior year at home so I could have at least one year of normalcy out of my entire four in high school. DA was a wonderfull place for me and severly changed my life for the better, to the point Ii have often thought if it’s still around when I get out of the Army I might enjoy coming to work there provided I could be hired.  (not sure of the former student now employee policly you may have). I was one of Tammy Liefson’s kids and on occasion was asked to speak to consultants on how DA worked, my feelings about it, and so on so that they may then refer their cilents to DA or one of its allifate programs. I would like the Owner and the perspective people it may concern to know I harbor a great love for DA and the help I recieved there to make me a hard working productive member of society. In turn I feel I owe DA something in return for all those I encountered there and the wonderfull experinces I had.

So I would like to offer myself as some you can refer prespective students’ parents to for a good referal from some one who has been through the program and became something postive, knowing you would recieve the highest of my regards. I had been to a few other programs such as military school and a rehab center before DA and I can honestly say DA was the changing thing in my life Sincerely, K…

Thanks, K for your kind words. And congratulations on your success!