Drama Therapy For Girls


Participating in a play or skit allows students to explore new roles. Students must understand the motivations and ideas of another person
in order to act as that character. This helps students to empathize with a greater range of people, including their peers, their families, and people in different walks of life.

Drama Therapy Groups

Drama Therapy groups are centered around letting students tell their stories and letting them step into the shoes of others to see the stories from a different point of view. Students take turns being actors, writers, and directors.

Parent Seminar and Variety Show Events

For our parent’s seminar variety show, drama students are front and center. Performing in front of an audience can be intimidating to students, but being coached through it helps students to realize they have great potential. Everything on stage is what the students bring to the table, whether as actors, set builders, lighting and sound managers, or musicians.

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