Challenge and Change

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December 29, 2009
Phil Scoville Joins Therapy Team
January 29, 2010
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Challenge and Change. It’s been a few years now since our son attended Discovery Academy in Provo, UT. He was there from Oct through Jun and I do believe Discovery saved either his life…or a life of misfortune or possibly prison. He fought you all the way, until you made him realize fighting would not help. He left Discovery earlier than you wanted, struggled with some minor problems when he came back home. He got an MIP for drinking, which seemed to wake him up again that deeds had consequences. He managed to return to the regular high school his senior year instead of the “alternative” high school, graduated with his old classmates and then attended Montana State University for the fall and followed his girlfriend out to Illinois for the winter term. He finished that year with a 3.65 at MSU and a 4.0 at Illinois, and has since returned to MSU where he continues to do well. He is still moody, still has some problems from his extended drug use in high school, but there is no doubt, that Discovery Academy literally saved him and for that I thank you.
Ron and Lori M.