Bugs and Teen girls – An Unlikely Match Part 2

Bugs and Teen Girls – An Unlikely Match
November 19, 2013
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December 17, 2013
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Part 2 – ( Bugs and Teen Girls ) Discovery Academy teen students share their thoughts on their moment with nature and the boarding school campus!
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“I’ve come to notice that when your life is extremely simplified, even small decisions or tasks strike a long thought process.” -two of our favorite DA students

By Two of Our Favorite DA Students!

I’ve come to notice that when your life is extremely simplified, even small decisions or tasks strike a long thought process. With that, let me bring you into the life of a treatment center kid – or rather a particular scene of it.

Once upon a sunny day in Utah, my friend and I, who we will call Georgia, were contemplating which section of our “yard” to sit in. This looked like we were someone with amnesia attempting to pace, never knowing which way we were coming or going, just jumping around aimlessly. Maybe we were just looking for something to do, and maybe that’s why we became so intrigued by this gnarly looking praying mantis.


Georgia saw him first and when she swooped down to pick him up we discovered this obscure looking bug had wings! Of course, we quickly reached some level of excitement, almost to the point of making a scene. Praying-Mantis-eyes At last we captured this poor soul on a leaf and this is where our friend Steve entered the picture. I was holding Pot Belly Pig (that’s what we named him) to Georgia’s face because any bug is creepy when you are staring directly into their beady-black-eyes. Then, being the generous people we are of course, when stranger-Steve walks by holding no sort of insect, we offer up ours! Disappointingly enough though, he wasn’t squeamish towards what we he told us was a Praying Mantis, but he was wearing my wilderness jacket so we accepted him as a person because he could no longer be a victim!

Not going to lie, Pot Belly Pig was not the first and isn’t to be the last living species to crawl onto our campus and be forced to accept our love. And, as the newest member our our community we decided he needed a tour of the campus – which pretty much consisted of us walking around talking about our new lives with Pot Belly Pig and deciding where to sit. During this, we then came across a – I shouldn’t say – “prissy” therapist who we will call Oval. We FOR SURE thought Oval would squirm or scream but no, no, no…rather we had a quite interesting conversation on what brought Pot Belly Pig to us and what his life was like. We all agreed he was a Veteran and probably served in the Garden, but then honorably discharged when he was damaged by a tomato bomb. (Conditions: broken antenna and a perma case of the “stink-eye”. I thought since he probably had PTSD, Oval should take him on as a client. She felt that Pot Belly Pig would do better with a Praying Mantis therapist ’cause they could “relate better” … cop out!

Now at this point of my story…my point is the end, while finishing the tour, we came at last to a group of squeamish boys. Too easy of a target! The natural reaction was to transform our new friend into a bomb and launch him into their circle. Ah yes, we finally got the reaction necessary and all it took was a little sacrifice on Pot Belly’s behalf. Georgia and I then left that commotion, and our Pig, to proceed in finding the perfect place to sit.

…I must say, the weirdest part of the whole ordeal though, was being asked to write about it!

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