Discovery Academy Therapeutic Boy’s Program

Welcome to Discovery Academy’s Therapeutic Boys’ Program!

Discovery Academy helps boys develop relationships, respect, and responsibility. We do this through a combination of therapy, residential living, and academic strategies that help boys identify and develop their strengths.

We serve boys who struggle with issues like:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Adoption issues
  • Appropriate assertiveness
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Wilderness transition
  • Family communication

If your son has experienced difficulty at school or at home with any of those issues, Discovery Academy can help. Young men learn, lead, and succeed at our therapeutic boarding school. As a result of our experience helping young men from more than 20 different countries, we are confident that we can also help your son.

Our academic program is tailored to each boy’s unique learning needs. Indeed, we challenge students to meet their own learning goals, not just to keep up with their classmates. For example, for some students, that means remedial help working one on one with their teachers. For others, that means accelerated learning opportunities with an advanced curriculum. As a result of customized approach to education, we are able to meet a variety of needs.

Furthermore, boys have the opportunity to participate in sports, drama, music and art. For example, any young man who wants to participate is eligible for our community recreation basketball, flag football, soccer and softball teams. Students also enjoy visual arts, music and drama, as part of our experiential therapy approach.

We Go Beyond Teaching; We Mentor Our Students

Male mentoring is an important part of the Discovery Academy experience. Boys share residential, academic and therapeutic activities with mentors who teach by example what it means to be a successful  man in today’s world.  For some of our students, this is their first opportunity to have an appropriate, healthy relationship with a male role model. These mentors, many of whom are college students and collegiate athletes, show Discovery Academy boys being a man means much more than just being bigger or stronger than others. Indeed, they demonstrate emotional honesty, responsibility, and respect. Consequently, our students are inspired to be better men themselves.

Therapy also prepares boys at Discovery Academy to live and work in the real world by teaching young men how to write a resume, prepare for a job interview, be on time for work assignments, manage personal finances, and take responsibility for daily living tasks. Furthermore, when they are therapeutically ready, boys can even hold part-time jobs in the community while at Discovery Academy.

We Encourage Friendships Through Accountability

On the campus itself, boys are divided into small residential communities of five or six other students and mentors. They work together to problem solve any daily living issues, encourage, and help each other progress therapeutically and academically. Additionally, peer leadership opportunities help boys be accountable to and help each other. For example, boys who think physical aggression is the only way to solve their problems learn better ways to channel their frustrations.

Lastly, the Discovery Academy boys’ program provides our students with opportunities to learn and practice appropriate social interactions with girls. These activities occur as each boy is therapeutically ready to advance to this level of learning. While dating is never allowed, students may have combined experiential activities such as drama, music, or off-campus special events for groups.

Discovery Academy’s boys program brings your son closer to home, right from the start.

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