Neurodiversity - A Validating Insight

Discovery Academy offers a Blended Learning System for Autism Spectrum Disorder students that are specifically tailored for learning in the 21st Century. This includes academic opportunities that are personalized and customized to the specific needs of each student. These unique and often gifted neurodiverse students have embraced our blended learning system and have flourished due to the success of mastery, personalized attention, and daily socialization with their peers.

The term neurodiverse means that learning differences are not disabilities. They are simply differences in the brain makeup and neuro pathways. It is always important to remember that these kids simply have a different way of learning. How we approach their learning process can forever influence the young lives entrusted to our care. Some of these learning differences may include; ADHD, Autism Spectrum (ASD), Non-verbal Learning (NLD), Depression, and Anxiety to name a few. It is common for there to be co-occurring issues that complicate the life and learning of the student.

So how do we uncomplicate this and help your son on a pathway to learning?

Blended Learning

  • Customized instruction
  • Student-centered pace and challenge level
  • Experiential, project-based activities
  • Designed to teach critical thinking, creativity, social-emotional, and communication skills
  • Preparation for college, career, or vocational readiness

Therapeutic Academic Collaboration

  • Discovery Academy collaboratively addresses school anxiety and avoidance to help students regain academic self-confidence.
  • Therapists and Academic Staff work together to create and follow up on academic treatment plan goals.

CARE Model

This model provides holistic and healthy skill building in the areas of:

  • Clinical Engagement
  • Academic Mastery
  • Residential Relationships
  • Experiential Support

Unlike more traditional academic settings, Discovery Academy has clinicians on site, assigned to each student and readily available to teach and support the student as they expand their independence. Group therapy, individual therapy, recreational activities, career and job exploration are but a few of the many opportunities while attending Discovery Academy.

  • Students enrolled with us having struggled in their current academic setting.
  • Parents are relieved and thrilled their son can experience something different than what has been done in the past. There is still HOPE!
  • Students regularly experience and internalize the process of developing healthy connections with individuals as well as a sense of community.
  • Neuro-feedback is also available to supplement the academic and therapeutic process.
  • Special Education teachers and a homogeneous classroom provide a safe environment for learning.
  • Updated psychological testing is provided as warranted.
  • Personalized IEP’s and associated accommodations assist the student with learning.
  • Parents are very supportive of their son working to gain a sense of independence through career exploration with the opportunity for job shadowing, internships, and even a part-time job.
  • Students have daily opportunities to practice emotional regulation, self-advocacy, and healthy relationships.

If you have struggled to find the right learning environment for your son, be sure to think of Discovery Academy. As a fully accredited High School, Discovery Academy provides academic services and enrollment year-round. Other parents have found it helpful to call and ask questions. We welcome your call and stand by to help.