How does Discovery Academy serve students with special needs?

Neurodiverse individuals have neural pathways different from those around them. These differences are not necessarily disabilities, but they can hinder students in many aspects of their lives and present unique challenges.

These teens may find it especially difficult to have their complex, rule-oriented needs met. Even if a neurodiverse teen grows up in a compassionate and loving family, the teen may struggle to understand their place in the world. Within most traditional communities, neurodiverse teens are different in ways that complicate their lives and create challenges within their families.

Here at Discovery Academy, we believe that every teen needs support and understanding to thrive.

Our team of caring professionals is dedicated to understanding and serving a neurodiverse population. Therefore, their differences are not treated as disabilities but as struggles that can be changed into strengths. Those who work most closely with neurodiverse teens recognize that their unique perspectives are meaningful and valuable. At Discovery Academy, teens and their families learn how to recognize each teen's unique needs and perspectives.

What does neurodiverse mean?

Neurodiversity can come in a variety of different forms. These learning differences may include Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum (ASD), Non-verbal Learning (NLD), Depression, and Anxiety, among others.

Because neurodiverse teens often experience multiple, co-occurring challenges, they may struggle at home and in a traditional classroom setting. Discovery Academy identifies each student's particular needs and helps them understand how to meet them.

Learning how to recognize and accommodate each teen's specific challenges helps them find their own pathway to success.

What makes Discovery Academy's program for neurodiverse teens unique?

Our treatment program for teens consists of six main columns.

Relational Dynamics

You have no doubt watched your teen struggle to make his way through the social world. Neurodiverse teens have multiple significant challenges that make everyday social interaction a challenge.

Discovery Academy uses a relationship-focused approach to help teens like yours learn how to build healthy relationships. This relationship-focused approach uses mentor support to build and enhance healthy attachments.

At every professional level, teens are guided to develop healthier relationships. In turn, teens become motivated to invest more effort into learning healthy social skills.

Understanding Self

Our treatment focuses on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other neurodevelopmental challenges. Our focus is on skills development using a neurological framework and a trauma-integrated approach. We spend time teaching our staff how the student’s unique brains work and why they behave and act in certain ways. This knowledge gives our students a sense of peace in knowing they are understood by their caregivers.

Our skills-based approach provides tangible direction and clarity for students as they develop and acquire distress tolerance, adaptive functioning, and life skills. In-the-moment coaching provides valuable feedback, helping students to develop confidence and set up an intrinsic success mentality.

Academic Competency

At Discovery Academy, our dedicated teachers will engage with your son on a developmentally appropriate level and expand conscientiously from there.

Our treatment professionals will guide your teen to develop new neural pathways. His competency will increase in multiple areas, such as executive functioning, initiation, flexibility, and perseverance.

Life Skills

Life skill development is a step-by-step process. Caring professionals will be available to help your teen master daily living skills such as personal hygiene and employment skills. In doing this, Discovery Academy helps teens live productive and satisfying lives.

Emotional Stability

Each young man in our program will receive proper attention, care, and treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder as they learn, practice, and master their specific emotional regulatory skills.

Validating Insight

Academic opportunities are personalized and customized to the specific needs of each student. These unique and often gifted neurodiverse students embrace our blended learning system and flourish due to daily socialization with their peers and personalized attention from staff.


Many young men who come to Discovery Academy's program have faced challenges at local schools or other placements. Discovery Academy can provide support and understanding for the challenges that neurodiverse students face.

Students have the support of their therapists, teachers, and our caring staff members. Each member of the student's support team works hard to develop meaningful relationships with students.
Multiple issues complicate life for neurodiverse teens like yours. At Discovery Academy, teachers, therapists, and other trained professionals understand finding the right approach to the learning process can forever influence the young lives entrusted to our care.

Discovery Academy provides young men with neurological differences the individualized support they need in order to thrive. The program focuses on identifying each young man's unique challenges and needs. In doing this, the experienced professionals at Discovery Academy can meet each student's needs and help them find their own pathway to success.