Art Therapy For Girls


Visual Arts are an easily accessible venue
through which students can express their emotions.

Giving your emotions a voice

The level of technical skill is not so important as the genuine expression that goes into the work. Art Therapy at Discovery Academy is focused on giving students the opportunity to communicate in a way that may be new for them. This creative endeavor rewards students for their openness and honesty.

Emotional Regulation through art

Many students find that creating art, from doodles to masterpieces, helps them to regulate emotionally, process and resolve personal conflict, and reduce anxiety.

An artistic touch to the parent variety show event

Students put their art skills to use in our parents’ seminar variety show, where art students participate in painting the backdrop and set pieces each show, working in a group for a common goal.

  • Brian & Mysty R.
    There were many programs we looked at as a family, we ultimately chose the one we felt would best prepare our daughter to return home happy and healthy!
    Brian & Mysty R.

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