Discovery Academy Aftercare

Discovery Academy has been leading the way in Aftercare since 2006. Our unique, in-home aftercare program is specially designed for Discovery Academy students and their families' needs.

The unique Discovery Academy Transitions program provides teens and their families with in-home care based on the Discovery Academy model of treatment.


Why does Aftercare matter?

Relapses happen. Even in the best, most stable homes, teens and their families may struggle when the teen returns home from treatment. All progress that teens make during treatment can sometimes feel undone when they return home.

At home, teens are outside of the treatment environment's shelter and structure and surrounded by their old triggers. This can cause teens to struggle.

Sometimes, these struggles can make it feel like the time before the teen was in treatment. However, relapses do not erase the progress that teens and their families have made. These struggles are a sign that teens and families need guidance and care.

Aftercare provides a similar kind of guidance and care to what teens and their families have come to expect while in treatment, but directly into the families' own homes.

How can Discovery Academy support your teen to transition home?

By the time your teen has finished the treatment process, they will have spent months getting to know Discovery Academy and the caring professionals who work there. You will have developed your own understanding of the program and forged meaningful connections with the treatment professionals.

Together, you, your teen, and your teen's treatment team will have witnessed the positive power of struggle. Your teen and family will have experienced genuine growth.

With the treatment team's help, you will have learned about your family's strengths and vulnerabilities. Just as you worked together to find solutions to past issues, you can work with your teen and their treatment team to find solutions as they adjust to going home.

Discovery Academy uses a personalized approach not found in any other Aftercare program. The program is designed to take place in your home. While in the comfort of your home, you and your teen will have the chance to experience the same behavioral and emotional support you received during treatment.

How does Aftercare work?

When your teen graduates from Discovery Academy, the Aftercare program can help your teen complete a seamless transition home.

While providing support services directly in your home, the program also looks to the larger community to connect your family with the help you need. These resources can include school, employment, extended family, and peer groups.

Discovery Academy Transitions will also locate a clinician who is licensed in your state. The Aftercare program will then help negotiate a fair hourly rate so that your local clinician can provide in-home visits utilizing the Discovery Academy Transitions curriculum.

The Discovery Academy Transitions curriculum is designed to continue the work your teen and your family completed during the treatment process.