After Care – A smooth transition home for your teen


Discovery Academy and Redwood Grove Diagnostics and Transitions after care treatment program is designed specifically for your son or daughters successful transition home.

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The prospect of having your teen back in the home can create mixed emotions!
There is the excitement of your son or daughter’s return as well as some anxiety as to how your growing teen will handle returning to the home environment. Not all teens will return home as some will be prepared for college or a next step, however, our After Care program is designed to help with all of those scenarios!


You know all too well that parenting without the support you need, and how the familiar home environment with old friends and reminders of a more difficult time can increase anxiety. However, this time you are not alone! Redwood Grove, in partnership with Discovery Academy, has designed a program that will work with you and your son or daughter in your home. You can expect a customized program that will essentially help to continue the progress and skills your son or daughter gained while at Discovery Academy. This program is appropriately named “Bringing The Academy Home” and includes three phases that will involve parents, teen and therapist along the way!

After Care Phase Treatment Parents teens


If your son or daughter is planning on attending high school or college after their return or graduation from Discovery Academy there are a few skills they have worked on that will help them immensely! Most high school students find out quickly they are not as prepared for academic success as they really need to be in order to excel and balance the added responsibilities and distractions that abound all around them. However, Discover Academy’s empowering academic program is specifically designed to rekindle a love for learning and an ability to study and learn on their own. Laying a solid foundation in core academic areas is also important preparation as you move into more advanced classes in high school and college. Often students in traditional classroom settings fall behind without the proper attention from a teacher. Once you are behind, it’s hard to move into more advanced concepts with any long term success. While attending Discovery Academy, students will be empowered to learn and gain the foundational knowledge of a subject before advancing to the next more complex or complimentary requirement. The ability to study and learn independently is a powerful skill for any of us! After returning home or to a college setting your son or daughter’s therapist and Redwood Grove aftercare representative will be an additional resource on your path to success!


Of course, we all know that when a young man or woman are not feeling well or are struggling with emotional concerns and other challenges learning in school can take a backseat! This is why at Discovery Academy our therapists and teachers work together in order to design and help a student follow a program that will address core issues and facilitate learning in a safe environment. Therapy works to improve relationships and provide skill sets that can be applied to school, work or home. And with proper aftercare support at home, those skills and collaboration can continue!

In order to learn more about our After Care program and how it may benefit your son or daughter as well as you, please contact one of our Admissions team or a representative at Redwood Grove Diagnostics and Transitions. Discovery Academy: 801-701-3711 …