Academic Experiential

Academic Experiential


Academic Experiential Learning

A Broader Approach to Learning

Each Friday, students at Discovery Academy engage in academic experiential activities. These activities allow students to enrich the things they learn in the classroom by tying their lessons to real life experiences. The activities may include guest speakers or field trips. During each activity, students get firsthand experience  of scientific, cultural, or social concepts at work. 

“Hawaii was so much fun for [our son]! We were impressed that they were able to fit in the right amount of service and fun to make it a wonderful trip and helpful for our son to see the world a little differently in such a beautiful place!” – Mother

Previous activities have included geological field trips, a spider enthusiast who explained how tarantulas kill their prey, and a radio personality who discussed careers in broadcast journalism.

Each of the activities give students a greater insight into the things they learn in class. In addition, they help students to explore career possibilities.

Discovery Academy has another unique advantage to offer students. That is our location. Discovery Academy is minutes away from two major universities. Both schools provide opportunities for qualified Academy students to participate in university coursework.

Many of our staff are former or current university students. This provides us with a highly educated, diversified staff from throughout the world. Moreover, these staff members provide students with excellent role models. 

Significantly, these academic experiential learning activities change the way students think about learning. Students gain a new appreciation for learning because when they apply it to the real world.