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Best Practices – Small Boarding Schools Association Conference

Monday, 14 March, 2011

This week Discovery Academy will participate in the Small Boarding Schools Association conference held at Christ School in North Carolina.   This association gives small schools, like Discovery, the chance to share best practices and learn from recognized educators and therapists. Small boarding schools, especially ones that offer therapeutic services, are often “under the radar” when it comes to parent information. Students who struggle in public schools or large school settings often find their niche in a smaller, more personalized setting. We’re excited to be part of a group of professionals committed to bringing excellence in a big way to their small campuses.

SAT Scores Jump

Thursday, 10 March, 2011

In a study just completed Discovery Academy students taking the Stanford Achievement Test, or SAT 9, raised their test scores by more than 21%.

Jonathan Jones, Headmaster, says 21 Discovery Academy students were tested at the beginning of their enrollment at the Academy beginning in May of 2009 and then again upon leaving the Academy.

On average, student SAT-9 scores rose by 21.83%.

Other study findings revealed:

  • The average length of stay for these students was 9.76 months.
  • Students advanced by slightly more than one full grade level.
  • Students improved their over-all grade point average by .71-percent

The SAT-9 is used by school districts throughout the United States to measure student learning. It assesses math skills, reading comprehension and science. Discovery Academy uses the test as part of its accreditation process for the state of Utah and to develop individualized student education plans.

Jonathan says the remarkable improvement is not surprising. “Students therapeutic needs are being met and that helps their academic skills,” he says. “These results tell us our individualized academic program, our faculty, and our therapy team are doing a great job delivering real results.”

“There is clearly academic improvement from the time a student enters Discovery Academy to the time he or she leaves.”

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